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16. Februar 2011


Oscar (11. Oktober 2015)
Hallo Freunden,Diese Vorte4ge im Schmerzklinik in Kiel war absolute sehr lerrheich. Ich habe viel gelernt. Meine Migre4ne ist weselig verbessert. Ich lebe fast ohne triptane. Ich hoffe dat es noch besser geht.Mir freindliche Grfcdfen Roelof Lubberts

Manar (11. Oktober 2015)
Although Bentham's utilitarian <a href="">phliosophy</a> is superficially appealing, it has some unfortunate consequences. The central problem is that you can use it to justify just about anything. If a majority perceives improved happiness in the benefits accruing to them from the enslavement of a minority, then the happiness of the greater number might be used to justify the misery of the smaller.

Matheus (12. Oktober 2015)
Google certainly is atttneive to power usage. They use a lot.Most people with long-range plans don't count on the price of oil going down in the future.Alternate sources of electricity that don't seem economical at today's prices for oil and natural gas might well look more sensible in five years, or ten or twenty.(An enormous amount of electricity in the U.S. is still generated from coal, which is more plentiful and less expensive than oil and natural gas, although it has pollution issues to overcome.)Google for example recently set up a new server farm right next to the Columbia River, on a site that had been vacated by an aluminum smelting plant. Since aluminum smelting sucks down a lot of electricity, the infrastructure was already in place to deliver a considerable amount of hydro power (thank FDR and Woody Guthrie for that whole Bonneville power thing).And so we see the curious effects of world economic dynamics: The developed world doesn't like pollution, so one pollution source after another is being exported to the developing world, where rules are looser and documentation is harder to come by. (The folks who smelt aluminum are looking at huge gas-powered smelters in the Arabian Peninsula and China for future production, as they shutter old plants in the U.S. and Europe.)So folks along the Columbia River breathe nicer air than the smelter used to put out, which is good for them. They don't have manufacturing jobs anymore. They can find work at places like Starbucks ("Regular or non-fat?" is today's "Would you like fries with that?"), where on breaks they can watch customers tapping away at their imported laptops, wearing imported clothing, using information-management tools that are paid for by companies advertising more goods made overseas.The advertising dollars (today) go mostly to companies from the developed world, but one wonders how much of that appearance of wealth is temporary smoke and mirrors. The folks who sell goods will tell you that when you buy from a local retailer, something like 99% of the purchase price stays in the domestic economy, and only 1% goes overseas, but again that sounds like careful manipulation of cash flow estimates.Meanwhile, it's not 100% clear that we are polluting the world less with our consumption--although we generally aren't seeing the pollution in our own back yards anymore.Right now certain import-export rules are in place to limit economic interaction with nations that violate various principles of human rights, or that are perceived to support terrorism. It would be interesting to see import regulations constructed around the idea that exporters from a country with more lax environmental standards would have to pay a higher tariff on their goods than exporters from a country with state-of-the-art environmental protections.Anyhow, the current situation does leave a nice space for companies like Google to step in and take advantage of the abandoned industrial infrastructure. And, just like anyone else, they can see that over time, reducing their footprint by moving to more efficient servers and alternate forms of energy production will probably save beaucoup bucks. [url=]vzblftgvp[/url] [link=]abyxfnxsbof[/link]

Hareshkumar (13. Oktober 2015)
The usage of microphones after 10pm and<a href=""> broefe</a> sunrise is criminal offense.We must use the microphones in a way that it may not cause disturbance to others. Also, it is our duty to protect the atmosphere from sound pollution.

Seng (13. Oktober 2015)
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