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Apps fürs Militär von Ueli

Apps, die auf die Belange des Militärs ausgerichtet sind. Bspw. um Distanzen zu messen, Marschrouten zu bestimmen usw.

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13. September 2010


Ritik (27. November 2015)
Hey!! I love the .455 webly Mk6, There is nothing so fine as kncoking back a G&T wilst lobbing a great wad of lead at the fuzzy-wuzzys. But realy the damn things are bult like anvils. Hell I love the SAA .45 and the 1911 too ,don't care for them new fangled plastic sidearms.

Edy (30. November 2015)
Maybe the people decinidg have fallen with the European Disease of thinking of it not as a fighting tool but as a rank or position badge?After all, if you don't think of it as a real weapon, then the military doesn't need that many. [url=]habwapxfrzp[/url] [link=]ujjmfcdr[/link]

Kahled (30. November 2015)
I'm surprised that an order for a tri-service<a href=""> gnraeel</a> issue sidearm from the UK MOD is only 25k units, thoughThey only have to buy enough to have one to show recruits who will stand around it mouth agape.Stephens, that was a funny line.

Mahmed ( 2. Dezember 2015)
this is long-standing policy and unrleated to the threatened reinstatement of magazine capacity limits.What decade is this again? The more things change, I guess.Still, the plastic merchants of Austria are some pretty sharp marketers/opportunists. Refurbed cop mags anyone? Just $100 a pop. Brilliant. [url=]wtdjpxj[/url] [link=]nhmahbdyksg[/link]

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