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Hotels nach Religion

Hotels oder Hotelketten für bestimmte Religionsgruppen. Für die Christen gibt es in Europa schon diverse Hotelvereinigungen, die sich nur durch diese Spezialiät von anderen Anbietern abheben und einen grossen Zulauf aus christlichen Kreisen haben. Gleiches könnte man auch für Juden, Moslems, Hindus oder Buddhisten lancieren. Speziell in der Schweiz, die einen grossen Zulauf von asiatischen Touristen hat. Essen, Einrichtung, Kleidung des Personals, Feiertage usw. komplett auf die Religion der Zielgruppe ausrichten.

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Samialagiri (11. Oktober 2015)
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Maik (12. Oktober 2015)
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Martha (13. Oktober 2015)
StagflationUltimately the gov can steer the ship in any direction it wants, and <a href="">infotailn</a> is the only politically easy way to defuse the debt bomb.IMO fed is likely to cut 25 bp Sept 18. This is a freebie because FF is already trading at 5% anyway. Any cut that's bigger or sooner sends the wrong signal. I mean, all the passengers on the plane can look out the window and see the engines are on fire. 25 bp on Sept. 18 will feel like the pilot is still trying to fly the aircraft in for some kind of landing. 50 bp prior to Sept. 18 will feel like you see him setting the autopilot while strapping on a chute.I'm looking for some major non-Fed action to try to reduce the bleeding. Conforming limit bump would help improve liquidity and is OK with me provided credit standards are still high. That will help creditworthy current owners refi and creditworthy borrowers buy RE if they want to. I expect some sort of giant patch for the rest. Gov will go to the lenders and triage the FBs - there are some who could and would keep servicing the debt despite being upside-down, if only they could get a fixed-rate mortgage at a rate that is not usurous. Some sort of loan guarantee program will be rolled out to make it happen. Gov doesn't even need to hold a gun to the lender's head, because they are already holding guns to their own heads and begging someone to stop them from pulling the trigger.The observation about the likely effect of declining rates on bank deposits is one I had not considered but rings true. I was burned when Easy Al took rates down to 1%, heck even at 5% I'm losing money to <a href="">infotailn</a> after taxes. For damned sure I'm not going to just lie back and take it again - I'll buy stocks, gold, even RE if I have to. So, like, yeah, cuts down to Japanese interest rates don't seem to be in the cards this time around.Gov needs to do something to encourage savers, instead we will likely have a Democrat anxious to "soak the rich" with even higher taxes eating into the already-negative real returns on bank deposits. I really feel like a chump when I think about it.

Ahmed (13. Oktober 2015)
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