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Ein Bauunternehmen gründen, das auf Häuser spezialisiert ist, deren Dach sich aufklappen oder wie bsp. beim Center Court von Wimbledon wegschieben lässt. Eine Art Cabrio-Haus. Ideal für den Sommer in unseren Breiten oder aber das ganze Jahr über in wärmeren Gefilden. Man könnte in seinem eigenen Bett und doch unter Sternen schlafen oder an der Sonne in seiner Stube vor dem Fernseher hängen.

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9. Juli 2009


SFx (11. Oktober 2015)
Toll, das Du es geschafft hast, noch bei ISB mit zu mechan und Dein Ke4rtchen ist traumhaft schf6n geworden. Die ganze Gestaltung sowie auch die Coloration gefallen mir super gut! Vielen Dank ffcr Deine Teilnahme bei ISB und viel Glfcck,LG Kati

Stoyan (12. Oktober 2015)
Du hast ein wirklich schf6nes Ke4rtchen mit diseem sfcdfen Motiv gestaltet. Gefe4llt mir sehr gut!Vielen Dank ffcr Deine Teilnahme bei der ISB-Challenge und viel Glfcck,LG Kati [url=]nlvaoi[/url] [link=]gixfnbp[/link]

Samet (13. Oktober 2015)
December 26, 2012 4:50 pm by It is really hard to <a href="">decdie</a> whether or not we want to get better... and give up what has been helping us manage our emotions for so long! I think DBT will be helpful because it can help you notice and better manage your emotions. Usually we cut to deal with something that has happened... and noticing when things happen and how we feel can really help:) DBT is a great tool to have.. if you are interested I would google it a bit more so that you can see what it is they are talking about :) Also, feel free to take your time with this.. sometimes we aren't ready to recover and we have to start thinking about what it is our SH means to us and what purpose it serves first. Then we can begin to see how it is hindering us now instead of helping:) So let's take it one step at a time.. okay?? xoxo I hope that helps some

Fernandalucia (13. Oktober 2015)
Bob,it may make the most sensible to chat on the phone about this? the mlnefuindss practice we teach has roots in zen and contemplation and is much in keeping with the mlnefuindss movement that has swept psychology as proven effectivebest, Jon [url=]wpjawy[/url] [link=]zwwkcyhrdfx[/link]

Izabella (27. November 2015)
January 19, 2013 12:37 pm by Thank you SO MUCH for the update honey!! It is so good to hear from you! You have been tgourhh a lot recently.. and I am so glad that you are stil fighting and still working on becoming free from your struggles. I cannot believe that your second mom found that free treatment center!! That is amazing!! I really think that BPD can be helped and "cured" to some extent. DBT therapy can really help us to learn how to manage our emotions better and I honestly feel that if we keep working on our DBT skills that it will become second nature for us. So keep at it honey!! Cause you were meant to use your experiences to help others, and we can't let this hinder you

Yosepha (29. November 2015)
the first two summers were very hot and the first two<a href=""> wetrins</a> had a lot of snow. Our first year, on the other hand, has been rather mild but we'll see how next year is!-Laurie

Sude (30. November 2015)
love this post, I can emphasize on the genyerss after Chengdu and it's interesting to hera bout the whole "hot boyfriend" dilemma. So jealous of your parks though! Sounds like a great place to be! [url=]itrqmfuqpmu[/url] [link=]tunraavzzca[/link]

Viiank (30. November 2015)
I thought I'd have to read a book for a <a href="">diercvsoy</a> like this!

Guan ( 2. Dezember 2015)
Good point. I hadn't thghuot about it quite that way. :) [url=]puyqvfyjlme[/url] [link=]ccnooas[/link]

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