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Mit Hilfe eines Spracherkennungsprogrammes eine Homepage kreieren, auf der man ein unbekanntes Lied vorsummen kann und dann wird einem gesagt, wie das Lied heissen könnte.

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Ihr Name (21. März 2009)
Also das mit dem Vorsummen wird schwierig. Lieder können aus einer DB nur beim zutreffen von Takt, Töne und Instrument-Farbe erkannt werden. Aber es gibt bereits eine Lösung: Wenn aber ein Lied am Radio/TV läuft einfach mit Shazam ID (googelt einfach mal danach) kurz aufnehmen und sich den Titel sagen lassen. Shazam habe ich auch auf meinem Handy (iphone, Symbian S60) und ist super für unterwegs.

Ihr Name ( 4. November 2010)
Gibts schon seit ewigkeiten.

Kristele (19. April 2014)
Liefere ich hoffentlich noch nach. Die ertsen Zeilen lauten etwa:Ohne Krieg ist's wie ohne Spielzeuge,Die Tage durchleben mf6chte man nicht.Es sterben Solde4tchen,und du lachst fcber alles // Oliver

Shakuntala (28. November 2015)
1. I think that he was flucuating beteewn the two roles. Since he is both a father and a therapist I think that the line might sometimes be blurred for him. 2. I agree with everyone above that it was interesting that the children had different reactions. I think that the two reactions are just some of the common childhood reactions to your parents having problems. As for lying to Ian, I think that Paul didn't want to bias Ian against his mother. 3. I think that Ian, as someone directly involved in the whole mess, thought that he might be able to help by giving some advice. I'm not surprised about his attitude toward his mom, because often we just need someone to bear the brunt of our anger.

Dee (29. November 2015)
that he was on Paul's side and I think he was lying to start with to prevent the kids from <a href="">tankig</a> sides. He's a therapist so he must know that it would be bad for the kids to take sides and would probably ruin any and all chances he has of reconciling with Kate. 3. I think that Paul kept defending Kate because he knows that he had just as much to do with the talk of separation as she did. They are both at fault even if the kids can only see what Kate is doing wrong. Kate's affair is just more obvious to the daughter and the son sees more of her issues because she's around the kids more.

Ezgi (30. November 2015)
1) I thought at times he was conimg across as a therapist and at others he was a father.2) I thought it was interesting that they both had opposite reactions to the news. Rosie was very upset and heartbroken about her mother's affair. While Ian, was whatever and tried to take Paul's side. I feel like Paul didn't want Ian to hate Kate or be upset with her so he didn't tell Ian about Kate's affair.3) I was surprised that Ian took Paul's side, especially since he took the blame for the problems. I was even more surprised that he dissed his mom, also that Paul kept defending Kate to the end. [url=]oethuoijgtl[/url] [link=]lklvtgun[/link]

Gluay ( 2. Dezember 2015)
Lesley Downie - Hi Cath and Richard,I have just read your post. I am truly humbled by your <a href="">conmtmes</a>. Thankyou so much. We all have people in our photographic industry that we respect, admire and are inspired by. If all of us can inspire others, then we ourselves are enriched.Love you both.Lesley

Claumar ( 3. Dezember 2015)
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