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wie wäre es mit einer art online börse wo studenten ihre gebrauchten und nicht mehr benötigten bücher ( die recht teuer sind) tauschen können?

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24. Januar 2008


Denker (25. Januar 2008)
Gibt es das nicht schon? Falls nicht, würde das sicher laufen. Aber ich glaube auf students.ch beispielsweise hat es sowas ähnliches.

Ihr Name ( 9. Juli 2008)

Manu ( 7. Februar 2009)
Ich kann da nur Amazon sagen.

Rifky (24. Dezember 2012)
jaujaujau,klasse Sache! Hab eben mal nen Kasten ffcr die ne4chste Lieferung bestellt. Nur: wie funtkioniert das jetzt genau? Muss ich den Mate abholen (im Peng?) oder wird der gebracht (hoffentlich?)? Hab ne4mlich kein Autoli und auch kein atomgetriebenes Fahrrad .GrudfJohannes

BuchSuch (17. April 2013)
Wenn das jemand macht, soll er sich doch unter www.BuchSuch.ch melden. Wir sind immer auf der Suche nach neuen Websites für gebrauchte Bücher.

Muslimah (11. Oktober 2015)
e0 l issu de leurs re9unions ? un traitement actif, trrsnpaaent et collaboratif des actions entre ces re9unions ? Une revue d actions e0 l ouverture de chaque re9union de pilotage ? et le bon outil

Abeer (12. Oktober 2015)
L’e9chantillon de 122 re9pondants dont 106 re9ellement interroge9s car ayant de9je0<a href="http://pueazplazz.com"> cniquommu</a>e9 sur le DD n’est pas re9ellement repre9sentatif de l’ensemble du paysage e9conomique frane7ais mais donne tout de meame un bon apere7u de l’inte9gration de la responsabilite9 sociale d’entreprise dans la communication en France. Cet e9chantillon est e9quivalent d’une anne9e sur l’autre, ce qui permet de suivre l’e9volution de ces entreprises au fil du temps. Il a e9te9 souligne9 au cours de la confe9rence que le nombre croissant d’agences de conseil en communication pouvait entrainer un risque de confusion et de perte de re9elle expertise mais aussi un besoin de cre9ativite9 toujours plus grand pour se de9marquer. Les annonceurs cherchent ne9anmoins e0 se former et acque9rir des compe9tences en DD en interne afin d’eatre plus re9ceptifs aux messages des agences en aval et de les comprendre en profondeur. Enfin, une re9elle demande d’indicateurs pertinents pour le secteur de la communication responsable se fait ressentir par les entreprises.

Ansar (13. Oktober 2015)
I really wish I had <a href="http://ykzhbvvu.com">doldeoanwd</a> the torrent for Guitar Pro 6 instead of buying it. 1. Arobas online payment system is so damn sketchy. I entered my credit card info and a blank white page loads and nothing happens. That's not comforting. So I email Arobas and ask them if anything went through and it took them nearly a week to reply and tell me it didn't. So I go on and try again and it worked. Then as I'm trying to get my license and key and download the software, similar things happen to where I almost lose my chance to complete the online order. Huge pain. Wish I hadn't done it. 2. I finally get the program and serial key and install. Looks good, nice interface, a little slower than I'd like, but I figured for 60 bucks I'd get used to it. I go and open one of my old GP5 scores and everything looked so messed up I was almost heartbroken. If I need to print out any of these scores they're all going to look like crap. I tried adjusting the Stylesheet thing or whatever to fix it but it just didn't import anything properly. Makes me REALLY wish I stuck with GP5. 3. I sat and tried to start a new score and I was writing a few riffs in when I decided I wanted to move a track above another track simple enough right? I click move up bam..crash. I lose a couple of hours worth of work and I'm instantly frustrated. Okay, so I won't click move up again, that's for sure. Not a huge problem, may be fixed in a later update. 4. I go to type in some triplets. Still..should be a pretty standard thing to do I type three notes in, the program halts, and then proceeds to crash its brains out. Great. And this continued to happen on multiple occassions on multiple commands ON MULTIPLE COMPUTERS. What pisses me off the most is that I paid $60 for this junk software! DON'T BUY IT! If you can deal with the long list of bugs it has, just download a crack for it or something. Don't give these people your money, it's not worth it.

Stef (13. Oktober 2015)
I just downloaded the demo of GP6. The eftecfs boxes and all that were fun for the first 15 minutes to play with but, I wouldn't use them seriously.The thing I DID like about it was the Change Accidental command, and the fact that you could display your guitar tuning in FLATS . GP5 seemed to be prejudiced against flats for some reason. I mean a song in the key of G Major if I have an accidental B Flat note or chord I wanted the notation in GP5 to be able to display a FLAT if I choose.Something that really bothers me though is that if I click on each instruments properties, the only options I see are color of the notes, the name and if I want tab, notation or slashes. In GP5 you could decided wether or not to display tuning and chord charts and all that for any particular instrument, which in GP6 it's a global setting.That's not very useful for me as I write out my own music in GP with lyrics and just remove the tab and keep the notation for the lyric lines. In multitrack view. In GP6 it displays the guitar tuning for the lyrics as well as all the tunings on the top of the page for any extra guitars when it should be pretty clear that the song has one tuning that it should be showing at the top of the page. I am disappointed with GP6 maybe it's time to move on to some different software like Finale. http://vicxihq.com [url=http://xtkhkxfc.com]xtkhkxfc[/url] [link=http://wjoliuozj.com]wjoliuozj[/link]

Earnhardt (28. Juni 2016)
The'res nothing like the relief of finding what you're looking for.

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